Optimism TVL surges nearly 300% M/M ahead of The Merge upgrade

According to information from DefiLlama, complete worth locked (TVL) on Optimism, a layer-2 scaling answer for the Ethereum blockchain, has surged 284% up to now month. The overwhelming majority of TVL consists of customers lending and borrowing belongings on Aave by means of Optimism’s layer-2 chain.

Buyers have been bidding up digital assets associated to the Ethereum ecosystem in anticipation of The Merge improve, which is able to see the blockchain transition from a proof-of-work community to that based mostly on proof-of-stake. 

In line with a latest Ethereum developer name, the tentative date for The Merge coming on-line has been scheduled for Sept. 19. As a layer-2 Ethereum blockchain, Optimism seeks to scale the ecosystem via Rollups, or off-chain computations, to speed up transactions. Transactions are recorded on Optimism and finalized on Ethereum.

The project is home to 35 protocols, including derivatives exchange Synthetix, decentralized exchange Uniswap, and automated market maker Velodrome. Due to the high volume of user trade orders on exchanges (including cancellations), the Ethereum blockchain’s current capacity of 30 transactions per second is ill-equipped to handle such demand. However, some experts predict that the network could potentially scale to 100,000 transactions per second after The Merge upgrade, with layer-2 solutions further enhancing such capacity. 

Optimism blocks are constructed and executed on layer-2 while user transactions are batched up and submitted to the Ethereum layer-1. On layer-2, transactions are immediately accepted or rejected with no mempool, enabling a fast user experience. Correspondingly to the TVL development, the project’s namesake tokens have also rallied by 300% during the same period.

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